Productivity and Accuracy

When end users spend most of their time repeating manual processes, it not only reduces their efficiency, it lowers employee satisfaction and allows errors to be introduced into your business data and processes. Honey Software provides features that match the way that people work so that they can be more productive, escape repetitive tasks, and work with data accurately.



Improve employee relationships and you will improve and enhance business productivity.
All communications relating to your employee resource are captured and stored in a single place, empowering managers.


Business Processes

Ensuring that processes surrounding your people are executed consistently and rapidly is an ongoing challenge for any organisation. Honey Software provides unprecedented access to design tools built for end users, power users, and administrators so that they can build solutions that streamline everyday processes and capture best practice in accordance with your organisation's determined methodologies. In addition, compliance is becoming more onerous, and the ability to build the rules relating to these requirements significantly reduces the risk facing your organisation.


Management Efficiency

Businesses look to their Human Resource departments to deliver fresh and powerful capabilities while keeping costs under control. Centralised management, streamlined tools, and painless nature of Honey Software helps increase the efficiency of people management so the people professionals can concentrate on strategic business initiatives.

Business Rules

That Fit

Honey Software provides for any business rule and or calculation, to ensure that payments are accurate when relating to payroll, or that the right people are scheduled to work at the right times. Any rule can be configured according to the specific needs of your organisation, and more importantly within a model that provides for easy customisation as those rules change.



End users can access workflow functionality through the Honey Software web client, giving even broader access to business automation tools. Workflows can be published to a shared library for others to find and use. This enable users to capture and share their business processes with others without requiring the intervention of the IT Department.



Because each business uses the application differently, Honey Software allows for organisations to cluster application services together to match the usage needs. For example, one organisation may make heavy use of workflow, what another may have complex roster requirements. Clustering the components and services your business uses most, to match your business needs, improves scalability and the responsiveness of your HRIS application