Great HRIS, and what it does for your business

November 13, 2014


"The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value." - Unknown



Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) have thrived on the improvements of cloud techonology in the past decade to the point where they're not just prolific, but mandatory to good business. Odds are however, you're not reading this because you want to install HRIS for your business, because, odds are you've got in some form or another. As a toast to efficiency, which is a particularly relevant topic in itself, this blog is directed at the majority demographic - those whose businesses have some form of HRIS, but struggle to quantify the often intagible benefits it gives. Honey Software's here to tell you two things: What separates good HRIS from great HRIS, and what great HRIS does to your business. 


  •   Platform

 For good HRIS to be great HRIS, it has to be built on a competitive, well-functioning and easily accesible platform. To take an analogy out of the air, hospitals are still being forced to run old versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP because of software solutions being built poorly and inflexibly - HRIS that wants to compete on the global stage needs to be web based, and seamlessly functioning on different systems around the planet. 


  • Attention to Detail and Customization

Good HRIS might manage 1000 employees' leave requests no sweat, but great HRIS will categorize and store on an individual level information that you deem to be relevant for each request - built-in customization gives you the power to make the best of HRIS. Wouldn't it be nice to be notified when a maternal leave employee's baby is three months old so you can send a card? Customization lets you personalise what you want captured by software, be it business related or for the sake of flavour. 


  • Unity, both in software and out

Great HRIS unifies your business. On a software level, it unifies payroll, timesheet and attendance and health and safety into a human capital package, supported by analytics from the customized data collected. On an administrative level, it unifies communication across languages, timezones, operating systems and business sectors with a single, accessible platform. On a human level, it unifies people, from employee to boardroom. It might be impossible for the executive to personally meet and validate their employees individually in large businesses, but with the support of a great HRIS feeding them the information they want, when they want, you can get pretty close.